Ten Zen

Ten Zen Tea Garden. (All images in the post via the author.)

On Saturday afternoon this past weekend, Natural Cannabis Company and the Slate Contemporary art gallery teamed up to throw an invitation-only art show and cannabis tasting event at Ten Zen gardens in Santa Rosa.

The invitations were provided to members of Natural Cannabis Company’s ‘High Society’, which is a premium membership offering for a patient  who currently uses one of the three dispensaries Natural Cannabis owns: OrganiCann in Santa Rosa, Oakland Organics in Oakland, and MendoCann in Hopland.


Handiedan, the featured artist.

The individuals who own these dispensaries host an annual international art challenge called ‘High Art’ hosted by Juxtapoz magazine. The art being shown that afternoon was by the most recent winners, and one of the featured artists, Handiedan, had flown in from Amsterdam and was walking around the event.

The venue, Ten Zen, was a former nursery which has been renovated to resemble a Japanese Tea Garden, complete with man-made waterfalls and a custom pool. The artwork was placed on easels throughout, and guests were invited to sample products from the dispensaries and walk through the property to view the works being displayed.

THC infused soda.

THC infused soda.

The medical marijuana products brought for the patients consideration were as varied as cannabis-infused soda, dab, vape pens, and flowers. Because this was a private event, each individual present had a current medical marijuana recommendation.

The products being offered as samples were meant to showcase the array of current medication options, and professionals from the Natural Cannabis Company were there to explain each one.

Cannabis extract.

Cannabis extract.

Cannabis tastings are gaining in popularity around Sonoma County. Collectives such as Herba Buena routinely offer small monthly gatherings offsite for members who express an interest in meeting with other members and learning more about what strains may work best for their individual condition.


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