Bud Soap 4 Pack

Marijuana infused soap. (image via budsuds.com)

Since its legalization for medical use, marijuana has seen an upswing in uses that people may not have thought possible before. Beyond being smoked or ingested, medical marijuana has found a new life in personal products, such as soap or bubble bath, that are meant to help individuals with problems they may have with skin conditions like psoriasis.

This can be a good thing for people who don’t want to smoke for health reasons or don’t want to take a chance with edibles.

Bud Soap GSC

Bud Soap, GSC Thin Mints

One company based out of Massachusetts, Budsuds, has created a line of all-natural additive free soap that would seem to fit well into Sonoma County’s own healthy and all-organic lifestyles. Made from honeycomb, raw African shea butter, raw cocoa butter, cannabis plant materials and other emollients, full bars can be purchased for as little as $8.99, and currently do not require a medical marijuana recommendation.

Though Budsuds claims that the properties of the marijuana plant in this form is purely for aesthetic purposes such as anti-aging and dryness, the names of some of the bars incorporate the names of the more popular strains of medical marijuana found in dispensaries, such as Lemon Kush and GSC (Girl Scout Cookie) Thin Mint. Whether this soap is beneficial to patients because of the cannabis, or simply because of the natural ingredients used, this wink towards what legal marijuana people may be purchasing from a  dispensary shows that they know who their target audience is.

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