Proving that even experts have bad days, Snoop Dogg recently flubbed a marijuana-themed question on a recent episode of Family Feud.

During the latest installment of Celebrity Family Feud, Snoop Dogg was paired against former boxing champion Sugar Ray Leonard, and they were asked a question that seemed tailored to Snoop Dogg’s area of expertise.

Host Steve Harvey asked the two stars to “name something Grandma might do if she caught Grandpa smoking marijuana.”

Snoop was the first to hit the buzzer, but he seemed to stumble in his answer, finally settling on “Put hands on him” (meaning to hit the grandpa, according to US Magazine). This answer was #7 on the board.

Leonard answered “She would scream at him,” which placed #2 on the board, winning the round.

Ultimately, Snoop’s family may have lost the round, but won the game, earning $25,000 for charity.

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