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These YouTube videos that document the different reactions people are experiencing when choosing to take different drugs while going about mundane tasks, such as building Ikea furniture or going to work, are going viral in a big way.

After watching all three videos, I can say that I understand the fried-egg correlation in the Partnership for a Drug-Free America campaign. Debuting in 1987, it was created to warn kids about the effects drugs would have on their brains. Based on what’s observed below, it was frighteningly correct, and sometimes hilarious.

Couple Builds Ikea Furniture After Taking LSD

A young couple decides to take LSD and build a dresser. The dresser gets built, and they realize that, in the end, this wasn’t the best idea they’ve ever had.

Man Takes Shrooms

Keith eats some psychedelic mushrooms. He talks…a lot. Nearly 6 hours later he finishes building a desk.

A Compilation Of People Caught In Public Under The Influence
**WARNING: This film contains explicit language and potentially disturbing scenes. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.**

There’s no information given as to what any of these people are actually on, but each person is distinctly under the influence. The takeaway is a lot of time spent on the ground, and conspiracy theories.

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