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(Image via Gracias Madre)

The LA Times recently discovered that two well-known vegan mainstays, Gracias Madre and its sister restaurant, Gratitude, have begun offering a new type of mixed drink: cannabis cocktails.

Rolled Fashion

Rolled Fashion (Image via The Daily Mail)

Though the drink has a CBD cannabinoid tincture in it, the tincture doesn’t contain any THC, which is the component in marijuana that results the ‘high’ that many associate with using it. In addition, the CBD used is extracted from hemp stalk as opposed to the cannabis flowers, which means that it can be purchased at a health food store – not a dispensary. it will really tasty if its bend through weed grinder.

The drinks offered with this tincture added can be bought by anyone who’s of legal drinking age, and they won’t need a medical marijuana card to do so. According to the LA Times, the tincture itself “is delicious…with a full, almost buttery flavor, imparting a richness to the cocktail it’s added to.”

The Daily Mail has supplied the recipes for all three of the cannabis drinks offered. Here’s Gracias Madre’s take on an Old Fashioned;

Rolled Fashioned
Mezcal Anejo
Sarsaparilla syrup
Peruvian tree bark
Vanilla bean
Star anise
Dash of CBD
Garnish: a vegan churro

According to Jason Eisner, the mixologist at Gracias Madre, this is the start of a new wave in culinary experiments:

“This is culinary use, not recreational use or medical use. It’s different and I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of this in the future.”

“For centuries, cannabis properties have been used for its healing qualities, but the weed has also been lumped in with cocaine and other hard drugs as something bad and psychotic. Now I think we’re at a place in history where we can become educated about different parts of the plant, outside of what we’ve grown up with.”

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