People who’ve chosen to treat their medical condition by using marijuana may find it easy to get a recommendation, but then they’re on their own when it comes to finding out which strain is best to help ease their symptoms.

If they’re struggling with cancer, a chronic disease, or anxiety, their primary care physician may be helpful in giving them the okay to use medical marijuana, but may not have the background to help them navigate the dizzying array of options they find once they step through the dispensary doors.

This is where Herba Buena steps in. They host what they call their ‘Social Club Cannabis Education & Tasting Events’, where members “learn about and experience the products that suit them best in a guided, discreet and educational environment.” At these events, patients get a chance to speak with other members and compare notes about what works, and what doesn’t. This relaxed camaraderie is what a social club is all about.

Herba Buena isn’t a brick and mortar dispensary; it’s a collective that delivers medical marijuana to members in the North Bay areas of Marin, Sonoma, and Napa. For this reason, the Cannabis Education & Tasting Events can be hosted in different locations for every gathering, ensuring that members throughout the North Bay will have a chance to attend one close to home. Also, members may request to host an event, and one of Herba Buena’s practitioners will bring a selection of products to sample and buy. Of course, only members of the collective are allowed to attend, so anyone who believes they’d like to host an event with their select close friends will need to ensure they’ve joined, as well.

Patients who want to explore medical marijuana as a valid therapy for their condition, but don’t know where to start, may find Herba Buena’s Social Club events a good beginning. Their website looks more like a wine bar than a dispensary, and the emphasis on education and discretion will likely make even the newest patient feel at ease.

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