Harvest dispensary in San Francisco is a new kind of upscale spot for 215 patients (Harvest)

Harvest dispensary in San Francisco is a new kind of upscale spot for 215 patients (Harvest)

San Francisco’s Harvest is a dispensary for the other half—the half who’ll spend up to $200 a gram to walk into a private, members-only lounge with leather couches, open shelving and a distinct lack of riff-raff. 

Recently opened on Geary Street, the open, airy space claims to have the “most advanced, chemically pure concentrates; and the healthiest and most delicious edibles.”  At a price.

As California advances quickly toward recreational marijuana sales, it’s a clear indication of the evolution of cannabis from fringe to posh, medication to artisan recreation for the wine bar crowd.  – Ginger Kush

Dispensaries are nothing new to Californians, but a new shop called Harvest in San Francisco apparently sets a new standard for high end dispensaries.

I for one am skeptical–I think this is what the North Bay has been doing all along. From what I can tell, though I have not visited Harvest yet, it doesn’t seem too different from our Mercy Wellness, Compassionate Care, Redwood Herbal Alliance or Peace in Medicine, with a few variances. I feel that these local spots prices are far more reasonable. Their hardwood floors, white walls with art are probably on par.

Harvest dispensary in San Francisco is a new kind of upscale spot for 215 patients  (Harvest)

None of the local spots condone hanging out, or consuming on premises so they don’t provide leather couches and coffee table books like Harvest. If you have been to a dispensary outside those that I mentioned you might realize most of them are not as clean, bright, or well informed about their products as our local spots, or Harvest I imagine.

So if you are playing tourist for the day, it seems as though Harvest has you covered with very pure (95+%) concentrates from Guild Extracts, and the best examples of the most popular strains.

However, the prices can be pretty steep, depending on what you’re after.


Harvest dispensary in San Francisco is a new kind of upscale spot for 215 patients  (Harvest)

In this article, it is reported that a gram of The Guild’s THC-A (crystalline, 99%+potency) is going for $218 (7×7). At the Emerald Cup I purchased a gram of  The Guild’s THC-A powder (90-96%) for $50.  Yes sure, you are paying for an experience of sorts.  This is where I am torn with a dispensary/ social club.  I also understand there would be some markup for a product being retailed through a third party instead of a direct sale.

A representative of Guild Extracts, which makes the THC-A product said that the prices for the powder I referred to were promotional prices for the Emerald cup. The THC-A Crystalline “is a higher priced item as it is the first in the market and is our “luxury” product,” said a rep. The THC-A powder which sold for $50 at the Cup sells for $87 at the dispensary.

The rep explained their pricing saying, “Due to its high potency, we feel that (the THC-A powder) provides tremendous therapeutic value to our patients while, as phenomenal as the Crystalline is, it’s more of a “hot commodity” which requires tremendous time and effort to produce,” adding, “our prices are consistent with products found elsewhere. The carefully curated medicines we are offering feature greater levels of quality, which for the price we are able to offer, is extremely competitive for its purity.” (Here is a price list on Weedmaps.com)

In my opinion, I see this as a response to the recent influx of wealthy Silicon Valley folk to the city who may be willing to pay more for certain types of medication. I feel that a patient with more serious medical conditions might not have the funding or desire to wade through the yoga pants and “man” buns to get  their pot.  Here is something else to chew on…

– Chris


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