It’s long past time for the us to start the conversation about marijuana culture in Northern California.

Pot is no longer the counter-culture endeavor it once was. With a 15% market share of the entire US pot industry, California brings in upward of $2 billion each year, with a potential for some $519 million in sales tax if legalized. With the Emerald Triangle in our backyard, and no shortage of Sonoma County weed-trepreneurs, its an issue that affects us all — in one way or another.

So whether you’re a patient, thinking about getting a medical marijuana card, a grower, a or simply pot-curious, we think it’s time to start the dialogue. Sometimes it may be a serious look at policies, legalization or even the environmental impacts of marijuana. Sometimes it may be less serious discussions of terminology, lighter-hearted marijuana news, culture and events.

Press Democrat reporter Julie Johnson will help to provide news and information about the business, policies and laws surrounding marijuana in Northern California.

Blogger Chris Hanson will provide information about the culture of marijuana — from attending events like the Emerald Cup, to answering questions and shining a light on the “215 lifestyle” of medical marijuana users. As a patient, Hanson has an inside view of what’s actually happening in the world of growers, patients, dispensaries and usage.

We look forward to your input, comments and questions as we open this Pandora’s Box of opinions, both positive and negative. Regardless of your perspective, we look forward to hearing your thoughts.

The fine print: Now, just so we’re clear, the outlook of this blog is not to glamorize or promote the use of cannabis. Instead, we hope to provide information from a different viewpoints as the reality of legalization in California comes into view.

– Editors

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