(Image via Rogue River Police Department)

(Image via Rogue River Police Department)

Sonoma County is well-known for being an agriculturally rich area, which has been a draw for those who wish to cultivate medical marijuana. After it’s cultivated, there’s generally plant matter left over that needs to be disposed of.

In Oregon, somebody decided that the easiest way to get rid of the marijuana plants they were no longer using was to use a toilet. Unfortunately, according to this article on KTVU.com, the toilet they used was a porta potty.

A man who had been walking his dog through Anna Classick Park around 9am on August 11th went to use the porta potty and was stopped by several marijuana plants that had been stashed inside of it.

weedOregon’s Rogue River Police Department was called in, and made light of the discovery with images of the unusual find on the department’s Facebook page, according to the Huffington Post.  The officers posted the images with this caption;

“A man walking his dog through Anna Classick Park this morning just before 9am, stopped to use the Porta-Potty next to the tennis courts…and found this. Got marijuana? We Do!”

A city employee stated that the porta potty had been empty  when it was checked earlier that day. The Rogue River PD seized the marijuana and destroyed it with a wood chipper.

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