The North Bay is known for its bounty of products grown and made in the area, from artisan hops, grains and cheeses to grapes and, of course, marijuana.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at this major cash crop and it’s products. While still illegal federally, medical marijuana patients are allowed to tend up to 6 mature plants, and the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act (passed in Sept. 2015) allows for “the maximum allowable size is 1 acre (43,560 sq ft) outdoors (Type 3) or 22,000 sq ft indoors (Type 3A and 3B licenses).  The DFA is directed to limit the number of Type 3, 3A and 3B licenses.  (AB 243, 19332(g)).” While there’s still a lot of legal flux, and the current growing climate is more like the Wild West than a regulated crop, change is coming, and it’s time to start looking at what we’re growing.

Much like grapes used for wine making, there are different strains of pot. And like grapes, different strains of pot have different flavors, grow differently, can be cloned like grapes. Unlike grapes, different strains have different cbd/thc ratios, which has a lot to do with prices, growth, etc.

Sonoma county’s bounty will highlight strains, farms, and new agricultural changes in medical marijuana industry. With this constantly evolving industry it won’t be possible to cover everything, but we will do our best to cherry pick the ones we think are worth knowing about.

Today, we’re looking at a new strain that’s exploding onto the scene and was a big talker at the Emerald Cup: Candyland

Smell: This new(ish) Bay Area-created strain gets its name from the pungent citrusy fruit punch or Sweet Tarts aroma.  I have to say the nose on this strain is almost overwhelming. A freshly opened bag has notes of blueberries and that granddaddy. But when squeezing a raw bud it’s like a candy store.

Parent Genetics: Granddaddy purple and platinum cookies.

S/I: Sativa dominant, uplifting. This strain is a great choice for the daytime, since the Indica isn’t too prominent.

Look: The eye appeal is definitely there for this strain. When grown well, it looks like a bud might have been rolled in sugar.

More details:

If you have a local strain, farm, dispensary, or product you think I should know about, send me an email with as much information as possible and a way to reach you (your information will be held confidential).

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