Sonoma county’s other harvest festival:
The Emerald Cup went off without a hitch this weekend.  If you didn’t have a good time, you probably didn’t want to be there.  Rain and cold couldn’t keep the masses away.

Tristan Hodges
was there showing off this  borosilicate glass skateboard, and a few others. This one he made with  Mr Gray. There was a lot to see this weekend, you would be hard pressed to see it all.

Out of what I was able to see here were my favorites (in no order)…

Herba Buena Farms:
 This is the first certified biodynamic medical marijuana collective. Since you can’t certify weed as organic, and most farmers don’t have the funding for an organic certification.  Biodynamic is actually deeper than organic, it is about creating the farms own ecosystem and not bringing in outside fertilizers, soils, and nutrients.  This is a far more responsible farming practice both for the patient and the earth.

Guild Extracts: The product that surprised and impressed  me most was the 99.996% THC-A and 99% CBD made by Guild extracts from San Rafael.  I didn’t get to sample this but the potential there is impressive. Since THC-A is not oxidized it can’t get you high, once it is oxidized (burned), the amount needed is minuscule compared to flowers. THC-A is what you find in fresh mature pot, over time it oxidses or can be sped up with heat or oxidizers.

Queen bee 95% thca by guild extracts

Queen bee 95% thca by guild extracts

This is guild extract’s 95%thc-a made from a strain called queen bee.

Care By Design:  
One of the busiest booths, with a really neat product, opening up alternative ways to get the desired dose in your system.Their high CBD oral spray has 5 different ratios of  THC to CBD, ranging from 1:1 to 18:1.

Art Everywhere:
The abundance of art was surprising, there was music, a dozen or so live painters, photo contest,  artistic functional glass, and plenty of dancing.

 Aunt Zelda’s:  Topical salve made in Bodega Bay offering a topical that won’t really get you stoned, offers on site localized relief with other herbs to aid in penitrating the skin.
There were also a number of area farms including Cannacraft, Grave Extracts, and Absolute extracts –all either in organic fashion or biodynamic, which is a growing trend in the industry.

$300 for 10 seeds!  The busiest seed booth this weekend was Dying Breed Seed Company.  They were selling seeds for some of the hardest strains to get a hold of, zkittles.  This strain has a super fruity flavor, similar to shoving all five flavors of skittles in your mouth at once, hence the name.

Cannabis oil extraction

 c02 Cannabis oil extraction

Whether you wanted to walk away from this event with some knowledge, art, supplies, or pot, you would have had to try to walk away empty handed.




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