This is the strain that takes you way back. Waaaay back. A pre-2000 strain,  Bubba Kush has a long and storied history, but basically it’s a mix of Bubble Gum and Kush that’s been cloned since the 80s, and possibly longer. Like most cannabis history, some say it came from Pakistan/Afghanistan, where Kush was developed eons ago. Others claim it was developed by a Florida cannabis breeder named Bubba. The world may never know.

An old school favorite, Bubba Kush (Pre98) is predominantly indica, giving it a highly sedative and relaxing effect that’s especially good for pain management.

It has a poddy bulbous structure, intense orange hairs, and fairly good trichome structure.

15-20 percent THC and .23-.32 percent CBD.

This is a fairly common stain and easily acquired through Sonoma County dispensaries. Much harder to find outside California.

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