Marijuana dinner party.

Marijuana dinner party. (Image via The Cannabist)

Marijuana dinner parties aren’t a new trend, but they’ve begun to grow in popularity over the past year. With the chance that marijuana may soon become legal for recreational use in California, they may be made more ubiquitous in food-centric Sonoma County.

Medical marijuana dispensaries in California have long offered edibles; from candy bars to juice drinks – as alternatives for patients who don’t wish to smoke. The majority of them have also offered classes and workshops to help patients learn more about which strain may best help with the condition they’re dealing with. If recreational marijuana becomes legal, these dispensaries may take a page from the books of other dispensaries and begin hosting ‘dinner parties’ for their clients, as the local Bay Area guidebook 7X7 shows.

These dinner parties can be configured in a number of ways: as per, the host may serve a 4-course meal with cannabis being smoked in between each one, the host may serve a meal prepared with cannabis-infused food, or as GrubStreet found; it may be a small, social ‘tasting party’ of edibles.

Marijuana dinner party

(Image via The Durango Herald)

Currently, medical marijuana is still only available to those with a doctor’s recommendation, so if these parties are now happening they are restricted to members of that dispensary. But, as with anything that people are told they aren’t supposed to do, it will get done anyway – and underground marijuana dinner parties are indeed happening, from San Francisco up to the North Bay, as discovered.

Of course, in the advent of recreational marijuana, home chefs who are interested in testing their skills may begin to host parties of their own (via the Cannabist), which can be trickier to plan than a simple cocktail party, as High Style points out. In Sonoma County, where the yearly Emerald Cup, is held at the Santa Rosa Fairgrounds, it would appear that there may be a sizable contingent of individuals who will be ready to host these parties openly.

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