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Trimmigrants headed to the Emerald Triangle for harvest season

The Trimmigrants are headed to the Emerald Triangle for Harvest. (Photo illustration)

Editor’s Note: Marijuana Empire is a Press Democrat blog about the booming business opportunities and evolving medical marijuana culture in Northern California. PD Staff writer Julie Johnson covers evolving laws, policies and business ventures, while blogger Chris Hanson takes a look at the weekly news, people and culture of medical marijuana.  Have you’ve noticed an influx of hitchhikers heading along 101 lately—the ones with frame backpacks, dreads and cardboard signs that say “North” or “Mendocino”? Let us put the pieces together,… Read More »

California’s big-shot marijuana initiative has landed

A group of heavy-hitting Bay Area marijuana legalization activists have finally filed a proposed initiative to legalize adult use of marijuana in California. The Control, Regulate and Tax Cannabis Act of 2016 is anticipated to become a forerunner among a crowded field of draft initiatives jostling to legalize pot’s recreational use and cultivation. The 26-page measure was drafted by ReformCA, a project of the Oakland-based Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform, a team that includes Dale Sky Jones of Oaksterdam, California… Read More »

Pot on Sebastopol agenda

A new ordinance went into effect today: people in Sebastopol’s multiunit dwellings can’t smoke tobacco indoors. Tonight, city councilmembers will discuss whether the ordinance should exempt smoking medical marijuana. They’ll also consider reducing the number of medical marijuana dispensaries in the city to one place only, down from two. Find the agenda here. The council meeting starts at 6 p.m. at the Sebastopol Youth Annex, 425 Morris St. Staff Writer Sam Scott outlined the debate over the city’s smoking ban… Read More »

SSU scholar takes on pot

An SSU Professor and Jack London scholar who has written about counter culture subjects from poet Allen Ginsberg to political activist Abbie Hoffman has published a book about marijuana. Communications Prof. Jonah Raskin is apparently a longtime weed smoker and High Times contributor. The magazine published his 2011 book “Marijuanaland: Dispatches from an American War.” Tuesday evening, Raskin is giving a free talk on his new book, which chronicle’s his conversations with “growers, dealers, dispensary owners, lawyers, smokers and cops… Read More »

Supes vote for 9-dispensary limit

Looks like Sonoma County will join at least 24 other California counties that have set a limit to the number of medical marijuana dispensaries. The Supes are also looking at charging growers fees  and limiting where people can grow pot. Some dispensary owners support the changes, arguing that more regulation will help keep things safe and legit. What do you think? Read today’s report on the Supes’ decision.