UFC Fighter Soothes Recent Loss By Vaping Marijuana Oil During Press Conference

The UFC fighter Nate Diaz recently decided to take puffs from a Vape pen filled with CBD oil during a post-fight press conference. The USADA is deciding whether to pursue a warning or suspension.

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Those 80’s Commercials Were Right: Here’s Your Brain On Drugs

In the 1980s, there were a series of ‘your brain on drugs’ commercials. These current videos are a better example of why people may not want to try drugs.

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They May Not Have Known It Doesn’t Flush: Police In Oregon Find Porta Potty Stuffed With Weed

Most individuals who choose to cultivate marijuana are also aware of the best way to dispose of it. Someone in Oregon decided to use the fast way and dumped a heap in a porta potty.

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Olympic Athletes Get a Break: WADA Relaxes Rules on Marijuana Testing

The World Anti-Doping Agency has recently eased its restrictions on the amount of THC it allows to be present in an athlete’s bloodstream. A small amount will no longer lead to suspensions.

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Humboldt County Marijuana Gets Legit: County Launches Tracking To Ensure Pot Products Make The Grade.

Humboldt County will begin stamping and tracking marijuana that's been proven to have been grown there. This will help protect the name, track sales and taxes, as well as thwart black market products.

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Sonoma County Town Hall Meetings About Medical Marijuana Happening Through August

The Sonoma County board of supervisors has begun holding town hall meeting in the five districts of the county in order to discuss marijuana regulation for the unincorporated areas of Sonoma County.

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This Ex-Apple Employee Takes ‘Think Different’ To A New Level: Creates Line of Gourmet Marijuana Chocolate

Eric Eslao used to be a production manager at Apple, but now he’s moved on to bigger and better things with a high-end brand of marijuana-infused chocolates.

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Kathy Bates Runs a Dispensary in Netflix’s Newest Comedy

Kathy Bates is starring in a new Netflix original comedy where she plays a marijuana advocate who runs a dispensary.

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Must Have Been an Off Day; Snoop Dogg Misses Question About Marijuana on Family Feud

Snoop Dogg may be best known for his advocacy of marijuana, but he recently missed a question about it on Family Feud.

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Medical Marijuana Helps Calaveras County Recover After Disastrous Fire

The Butte fire in Calaveras County scorched over 70,000 acres of land, destroying livelihoods. The recent ordinances allowing more medical marijuana cultivation helps boost taxes.

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