Sour apple-flavored candies — in the shape of marijuana leaves — have sparked controversy in Pennsylvania, and perhaps elsewhere, where they’re sold.

Apparently some people, particularly parents and elected officials, aren’t so enamored with the idea of Pothead lollypops, Pothead ring pops and Pothead sour gummy candies.

Packaging on the sour apple gummies shows a young man/boy with a joint dangling from his lips and a stamp reading “legalize.”

The candies are made in China, reports the Buffalo News.

Customers can also buy Zombie Brain candies, according to the Kalan LP website, which describes the company as the producer and supplier of trendy gifts and novelty items.

The candy sells at about 1,000 shops across the U.S., according to Forbes/AP.

The distributor, Philadelphia-based Kalan LP, says the product sells well and this was the company’s first complaint.