I’ll do my best to resist cliché.

French researchers found pot users, against all odds, are on average skinnier than people who don’t smoke/eat/etc. marijuana.


TIME magazine’s health blog referenced the study and the writer mentioned other research that claimed people who don’t smoke pot for religious reasons may overcompensate by overeating (?) and that medical marijuana users are more likely to be sick and therefore less healthy. The latter at least seems logical.

Though it begs the question, what percentage of pot smokers are medical marijuana users? Certainly not the majority.

From the abstract:

The adjusted prevalences of obesity in (survey one) and (survey two) were 22.0% and 25.3%, respectively, among participants reporting no use of cannabis in the past 12 months and 14.3% and 17.2%, respectively, among participants reporting the use of cannabis at least 3 days per week. These differences were not accounted for by tobacco smoking status. Additionally, after adjustment for sex and age, the use of cannabis was associated with body mass index differences in both samples. The authors conclude that the prevalence of obesity is lower in cannabis users than in nonusers.