The world has been spinning plenty of marijuana-related news while I’ve been oblivious to the world with an unseasonable influenza (that I hope has not touched any of you).  So let’s catch up…

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder on Thursday promised that he will clarify the DOJ’s policy on state medical marijuana laws. The Associated Press reports:

“We’re going to bring clarity so that people understand what this policy means and how this policy will be implemented,” Holder said…

Ryan English wheeled boxes of his marijuana out of Sonoma County court 15 months after it was seized. My question is, if only some of it was processed, how did the rest of the plants survive captivity? I can only assume sheriff’s staff weren’t tending to live plants.

Efforts are underway to forge a new city in Humboldt county. Glenda Anderson reports: It’s been dubbed “Emerald City,” a name as whimsical as the effort, critics say.

One letter-writer suggested that closing state parks opens them up to even more land poaching.

Permit woes continue for a Larkfield medical marijuana dispensary.