The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office is set to receive a $110,000 grant from the federal Drug Enforcement Administration  for marijuana eradication programs for the coming fiscal year.

The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors will decide at Tuesday’s meeting whether to give the Sheriff’s Office the green light to accept the money and go forth. It’s likely to happen, since they’ve approved the grant funds and collaboration for the last 14 fiscal years, according to the agenda.

The grant is anticipated to fund deputy overtime ($55,000), expendable and non-expendable equipment ($10,000), aircraft rental ($35,000), and training/travel costs (10,000)…

The sheriff’s narcotics unit has for several years at least worked out of a DEA building somewhere in Sonoma County. And I just learned that the Santa Rosa Police Department’s narcotics unit has formed a new task force, also in collaboration with the DEA. More on that later.

I’ll leave you with some stats from the Sheriff’s Office:

Year Grant award Pot plants eradicated
2005 $25,500 109,000
2006 $48,911 133,000
2007 $75,000 136,000
2008 $85,000 144,000
2009 $108,000 161,000
2010 $100,000 311,000